ClinTools provides Chi Square analyses and Phi as part of the Odds Ratio Generator.

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Started by Jemma, 08 June, 2010, 03:10:40 PM

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Hi Jemma,

Yes, Clintools uses the RCI of Jacobson & Truax. If you open the 'Contents' heading under "Help" on the RCC Generator task bar you will find all the formula used in the programme. Also, the 'About' box (also under "Help") gives a short summary.  ;D


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Hi there

Could someone clarify something for me? There are many different ways of calculating RCI (e.g. Jacobson & Truax - classical approach, or Christensen & Mendoza - taking into account practice effects, and many more) and I was wondering exactly how does ClinTools calculate RCI? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Is the formula ClinTools uses available?

Thank you kindly