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Question about editing data in meta-analysis mode?

Started by ya-ya, 02 July, 2009, 01:27:57 AM

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Hi Ya-ya,

No, the only way to do this is compute the new effect sizes using the new SDs and then manually change the SDs in the meta-analysis. We thought about enabling a recomputation using the metaanalysis, but that way didn't allow for people to manually change numbers in the meta-analysis raw data (which is very useful). So .... either change the effect size figure in the file for each study or - and probably wise - create a new file with the sds, N and effect sizes you want (probably using the ESG).

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Um, ok I must be crazy, I thought the meta-analysis program re-calculated the individual effect sizes when I changed the means and SD's, but I was wrong, it is still using the old SDs. So, is there a way to do this?

Thanks again! 


Never mind - I figured out that when I actually do the meta-analysis function it also gives me this data. Thanks!!! And you are definitely getting a citation in my dissertation, and any publications that come from it!

Best wishes,
Jen (Ya-Ya)  ;D

Devilly, G.J. (2005). ClinTools Software for Windows: Version 4.1 (computer programme)., Psytek Ltd.


Hi there again Dev, I have another question   ;D

So, now that I have calculated a new SD to use for my effect size calculations, I am wondering (hoping) --is there a way to edit the raw data in the meta-analysis mode so that it will automatically update with the new effect size numbers? I couldn't figure this out, but since you're the expert, and the developer(!) I thought I woud ask...

Thanks!!! And again, if you (or anyone else) can respond ASAP, all the better!!!!

Ya-Ya  :D