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Started by Dev, 30 April, 2006, 10:20:53 PM

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Recently I had the following asked in our guestbook (see Terry's post - number 3 post -
" Would love a table output of effect sizes to import into Word too. Is this planned?"

This question crosses two forum boards really - "Help Using" and "Wish List" - but probably fits better here in this forum. Anyway, here's the answer I gave:

"Hi Terry, thanks for the feedback. I'm assuming your question relates to the meta-analysis section . At the moment there are two ways of getting the information you request. Firstly there is the meta-analysis printout which you can obtain by opening the contents to notepad or copying the contents and pasting into Word (see the buttons next to the textbox on the top of the page). The other thing you can do - which may be what you're asking - is to print the entire database. Other than that the database can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Access - but you need them on your local machine for this to work. It is also planned that a future version of ClinTools will provide a graphical representation of the meta-analysis."


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