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Effect Size Generator

This programme (or "program" for our American visitors) has two major utilities and a collection of smaller utilities (links are screenshots or example reports in pdf format):
  1. It will compute effect size estimates for use in meta-analyses. It will compute Cohen's d effect size estimates, apply Hedges' Adjustment for sample size (to Cohen's d) and also provide Hedges' ĝ effect size estimate. It will also provide any confidence intervals for these derived effect sizes. It also contains a full help file.
  2. It will conduct a meta-analysis on effect sizes that have been saved to a database. This includes providing mean effect sizes, standard deviation and 95% confidence intervals of the effect size, z score distributions of the studies included and a suite of Fail-Safe N statistics. Meta-analyses can even be conducted by measure type, and weighted mean (by number of participants) and weighted standard deviations with appropriate 95% cut-offs are also computed.

Other features include the ability to :

  • estimate effect size interactions on repeated measure analysis;
  • estimate f2 effect size estimates for both multiple and hierarchical regressions;
  • obtain any confidence intervals for effect sizes;
  • estimate standard deviations;
  • conduct t-tests and z-tests on entered data;
  • compute confidence intervals around mean (any confidence interval!);
  • conduct 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3 Chi Square analyses;
  • test for a statistical difference between two correlations, effect sizes or probability levels;
  • conduct a priori power analyses;
  • convert different statistics to and from effect sizes (e.g., to d and r from chi square, t-test, r, d, ANOVA, Hedges' ĝ, etc.);
  • convert statistical figures (e.g., t-test number) to a probability level;
  • export meta-analysis database to Microsoft Excel;
  • create meta-analysis report;
  • tests of heterogeneity (Q and I-Squared statistics);
  • save files and open saved files of raw data;
  • generate a printed one page summary report to keep in your records;
  • use a built-in screen capture device;
  • use an internal calculator.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use interface
  • Full complement of analyses performed at the push of a button
  • Full help file (including statistical explanations)
  • Less than 10% the cost of rival products!

Product history is available here.