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Reliable & Clinical Change Generator

The Reliable & Clinical Change Generator was developed to help clinicians, researchers and students to assess whether any change apparent in a client (or anything/one for that matter) isn't just an artefact of measurement. In other words, has someone / something demonstrated reliable and clinically significant change? This computer programme was developed to reduce the time it takes to assess reliable change and facilitate the increased use of this statistic in practice and research.

You can save files, open saved files and even generate a printed one page summary report to keep in your records.

This was developed following our experiences in teaching university psychology and medical students (many of whom hate statistics with a vengeance) and reading research papers where the authors have made some rather large leaps of faith in whether people "improved" or "worsened" over time.

This programme enables one to:

  • Compute reliable change indices with 68.26%, 95% or 99% confidence
  • Compute whether there has been change with 68.26%, 95% or 99% confidence
  • Compute whether there has been reliable AND clinical change
  • Obtain confidence level for specified change scores
  • Compute minimum change score for specified confidence level
  • Print a report of the outcome
  • Save extra client notes / data clarification with the file

Key Benefits

  • The only programme available to compute both reliable and clinical change
  • The ability to print out reports
  • A full help file

Product history is available here.