Welcome to the official ClinTools website - a home devoted to providing new software for evidence-based practice. ClinTools is a statistical software suite for use in today's high demand clinical, educational, organisational and academic environments. ClinTools prides itself in developing user friendly interfaces with full 'help' documentation at the fraction of the cost of other software.

Free Downloads:

Demo - We invite you to try our fully working demo (it will revert to the free 'lite' edition after 30 days).
Freeware - Try our free questionnaire scorers.

Honour System:

The current version (version 5) is given for free on an honour system (see https://gofund.me/298c3ab2).

Download the most recent demo from this website and then enter the login and password you see on the gofundme page.


ClinTools is a product suite that contains the following elements:

  • Effect Size Generator - Pro. With the following functions:
    • Compute: Cohen's d; Hedges' Adjustment for sample size (to Cohen's d); Hedges' ĝ effect size estimate; 95% confidence intervals; pooled and other standard deviation estimates; independent samples t-tests and z statistic; a priori power analysis; effect size conversions (many - w to C, d to ĝ, ĝ to r, F to d, f2 to R2, r to d, etc, etc) with and without sample size corrections; compute confidence intervals around mean (any confidence interval!); compute effect size interactions on repeated measure analysis; estimate f2 effect size estimates for both multiple and hierarchical regressions; conduct 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3 Chi Square analyses; test difference between effect sizes; Help files explaining all effect size statistics used.
    • Conduct meta-analyses allowing: unweighted and weighted mean effect size estimates; Rosenthal's Fail-Safe N statistic; Orwin's Criterion d and g; computation based upon measure type; computation based upon study type; tests of heterogeneity (Q and I-Squared statistics); complete summary information in text file format; conversion of files to MS Access and Excel format; Help files explaining all statistics used.
  • Odds Ratio Generator - Pro. With the ability to compute the following functions:
    • Relative Risks; Relative Risk Increases; Event Odds; Odds Ratios; Number Needed To Treat; Number Needed To Harm; 95% confidence intervals; Chi Square Analysis (2*2 and 2*3); Yates' Correction; Fisher's Exact Test; Phi / Cramer's Phi; Convert Odds Ratios to d effect sizes; Help files explaining statistics behind programme.
    • Improvement vs no change vs deterioration; improvement vs no improvement; for treatment and control groups.
  • Reliable & Clinical Change Generator - Pro. With the ability to compute:
    • Reliable change indices with 68.26%, 95% or 99% confidence; whether there has been change with 68.26%, 95% or 99% confidence.
    • Clinical change as measured by: moving from 1.96 sd above the norm to within 1.96 sd of the norm; moving from within 1.96 sd of the clinical mean to 1.96 sd below the clinical mean; moving above the 'compromise' point to below this point.
    • The necessary change required for any level of confidence.
  • Random Number Generator. With the ability to:
    • Compute up to 32,767 random numbers between any given range; unique random numbers or repeated random numbers; Randomly allocate participants to experimental groups.
    • Export results to comma delimited text file for easy importation to other statistical packages such as SPSS and Statistica.


These tools augment traditional statistical software by conducting specialised analyses that are required for evidence-based practice - whether that be in the health system, education system, or any other area that requires quality assurance practices. This software specialises in interpretation of the 'meaningfulness' of statistical analyses.

We are now also offering Freeware programmes to help clinicians in their practice.

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